Maya: Natural Healing Through Listening

June 11, 2020

Last year was crazy unforgettable. 

I was loving being a full time freelancer juggling several projects at the same time and growing my tribe. I was sleeping well, eating healthy, meditating a lot, practicing Astanga Yoga, and biking to get around. Yet super healthy me was rushed to the hospital. Twice. 

During both times – first in January while walking in the market in Davao and then in July while walking at the edge of a forest in Germany – I suddenly felt the left side of my body turn heavy and limp from head to foot. I couldn’t walk straight and I couldn’t talk straight. 

A lot of tests were done on me but all proved inconclusive. The Filipino doctors  and the German doctors couldn’t definitively say what was wrong. Was it a minor stroke? The symptoms seemed to say so but the tests didn’t think so. My brains were okay, my heart was okay, my lungs were okay, my blood was okay… The doctors hesitated to label me and I left the hospital each time wondering what was wrong with me. I had adopted a healthy lifestyle – I ate plant based food, was very active, had no hang ups, no ill feelings toward anyone. I was happy, grateful and peaceful. So why had my body gone limp for a couple of hours – twice – in the same year?

Friends and family offered their diagnosis and one friend’s diagnosis stood out for me. She wrote a long message telling me that most likely it was just a case of pent up emotions, built up through the years, finally leaving my body. Like water pouring from a faucet. She said my anger and resentment had finally come to the surface and left my body. Anger and resentment?! I reviewed my life and realized she may be right. There were some very painful years where I would go to work feeling tense and constricted from the pressure to meet goals and work with people whom I thought were very unkind and unfair at the time.

In September, tragedy struck again the day before my first day at my new job. I had joined my father and some workers on our family’s tree farm to plant seedlings. While walking to the planting site, I accidentally hit a hornet’s nest and got stung 21 times. (Yes 21 times! I counted the number of stings on my body.) 

This time though, I refused to go to the hospital and refused to take any medicines. I asked everyone to finish planting the seedlings as fast as they could while I remained standing where I had been stung, my body racked with poison, shivering and convulsing in pain, tears streaming down, teeth chattering. The poison was excruciating – I wanted to scream and rush to the hospital to take pain killers. It took a split second to realize I wasn’t dying and quickly change my mind about saying what I was thinking about going to the hospital. Instead I just asked everyone to hurry up so we could go home na. This all happened around 10 am. 

When the seedlings were planted and we were finally back in the car on the way home, I decided that because home is still so far, it’s best we stop by a neighbor’s birthday party, as planned, to let everyone take lunch. I was in so much pain though that I skipped lunch and just stayed in a room to lie down on the floor waiting for everyone to finish eating. When it was time to go, I had to be assisted to the car because standing was making me faint and my vision had become “all white.” I reclined my car seat and travelled home not caring whether I could see or not. I just had to bear the pain. (“Bear the pain!” I kept telling myself.) 

When I remembered a good friend’s wake was along the way, we again stopped for a brief visit so I could pay him my respects and talk to his family and guests a bit. It was surreal to be in pain, my lips swollen, yet talking to people as if I were okay. After an hour, we resumed the trip home. By 9 pm that night I had taken a shower and was about to go to bed when I took one last look at my face. I noticed that the swelling was gone and with it, my excruciating pain. Only a terrible itchiness was left. 

Yes, I was healed. But so soon?!?

The two side trips on the way home must have helped fast track the healing because the whole time I commanded my body to heal. “Faster, faster – body – I need to be okay na!” I was thinking the whole time.

I was extremely motivated to heal within a day without any external help because I figured that if others like Joe Dispenza could heal his broken vertebra with his mind in 9 weeks, I could heal from 21 hornet stings in one day.

Besides, the next day would be the first day at work and I wanted to be at my best and not be sluggish from any medicines. I didn’t want to say, “I’m sick I can’t go to work” on my first day of work. I had to be well – within a day! Not within a week! 

So I imagined myself being surrounded by a healing white light penetrating every cell in my body and imagined that the pain was just part of the healing process. 

It worked! 

Having experienced this unbelievable fast recovery made me feel invincible. When a couple of weeks ago I fell sick during the quarantine, I didn’t panic. I had gone out the day before to drive around and buy garden soil, seeds and seedlings and deliver them to my colleagues’ homes. The next day I woke up very early to take a shower at 3 am because it was so hot. I did my meditation and asanas and worked in the garden a bit after which I took another shower at 10 am. It went downhill from there. I felt heavy and laid in bed. I became feverish and lost my appetite. My whole body ached and I developed severe diarrhea. I slept on and off that whole day all the while urging my body to fight and get better within a day because I had deadlines to beat. At a certain point I was feverish and sweating but wearing a jacket and wrapped in a blanket because I felt cold. I was shivering. It was so weird. My parents sent food over for lunch and for dinner which I forced myself to eat. I remembered the 10-in-one herbal drink from Pestales, Cebu and drank a cup imagining the potent concoction healing my insides. I woke up at around 2 am with my fever gone. But the diarrhea hadn’t abated. That’s when I remembered the unripe bananas my mother gave and I ate two in a row imagining the fruit doing its magic. As if on cue, the diarrhea stopped. I slept a bit more and woke up at 8 am feeling in tip top shape again. I was up and about cleaning my house so I could focus on working again. 

So what do I make of all these experiences? I can fill several pages with realizations but will share two big ones: I can heal naturally by listening to my body and by telling it to listen to me, too! And, it’s great to have like-minded friends who can send me healing white light at a moment’s notice! Quantum physics in action! 

I hope whoever reads this will be inspired to stop the knee-jerk reaction to take  pharmaceutical pills. Try working with your mind and body and natural remedies the next time you get sick. I’ve done it, others have done it, you can do it, too!

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