Change first your consciousness in order to change your circumstance.

September 25, 2020

When Nelson Mandela walked to freedom after 27 years of being in prison, he said, “If I don’t leave all hate and bitterness behind, then I would still be a prisoner.” We might not be locked up like Mandela, but we may have our individual prisons – in the form of places, people, emotions, thoughts, beliefs. It’s our attitude that imprisons us. For example, someone living in London may feel that London is a prison and leave. But a year later that same person may love living in London. It’s because the person has changed that he encounters a new London. This is why it’s good to be aware of what we’re carrying within us. We might walk into a situation that meets a response from the world – and think that “this is the world.” But it’s not. We are really just experiencing the world’s response to us. We can see from the way the world treats us what it is that we are. So one way to change our circumstance is to change our consciousness.

#SpiritualHustler Reflection #3 from David Hans-Barker’s 10-day YogiLab Vipassana Meditation #vipassana meditation #littleflowstories

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