Learn to walk with your mind, or you’ll just be crawling forever.

October 2, 2020

Our constant mind chatter is an indication that we are crawling with our minds and not walking with our minds. We’ve become so used to our monkey minds that it’s hard to focus only on our breathing and stay with our awareness. One way to respond every time our mind jumps away is to note what it is that distracted us, and reel back our awareness to our breathing. This takes time. But eventually, with patience and perseverance and consistency, we become immune from everything that pulls away our awareness. Once we can effortlessly keep our awareness steady, we can move it through our bodies and feel unresolved emotions, habit patterns and habit loops without reacting. Sitting, focusing, breathing, and then sensing unresolved emotions without reacting, releases them in our bodies. When the anger, bitterness, jealousy, hurt, and resentment dissipate, there’s nothing more to forgive. Then this extra part of us that is not occupied anymore becomes available to us.

#SpiritualHustler Reflection #4 from David Hans-Barker’s 10-day YogiLab Vipassana Meditation

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