Jan: White Light Healing

October 2, 2020

Jan is 4’11” and looks tiny biking behind her husband Rexall’s giant 5’9” frame. They are on their way from Samal to Davao again for some errands. Jan is convinced biking is a much safer way to get around, especially during the pandemic. 

After all, Davao City has designated biking lanes now. And the biking community has never been more vibrant. Jan is giddy that the bikers are from all walks of life. “Makahappy because before I could count the number of bikers with one hand. Now we meet hundreds along our way!” she says. This is one of the beautiful side effects of the pandemic. 

The other beautiful side effect happened during two errands downtown. Jan was riding along the biking lane when she got side swept. The first time it happened along Bajada. A jeepney cut in front of Jan sending her crashing into the ground, right knee first. The second time it happened along R. Castillo. A truck suddenly swerved in front of Jan, sending her crashing down on her right knee, again. Each time, Jan got up and biked home. And each time she woke up the next day feeling sore all over. Three weeks later, Jan called to say she would take a leave to go to the doctor. Her right knee was in excruciating pain. Jan wasn’t at all looking forward to seeing a doctor though. She didn’t like the thought of having to wait in line when she still had so many things to do at home – monitor our project’s baseline study, take care of her two children, cook, wash the dishes, etc. Hadn’t Jan pointed this out, I wouldn’t have dared suggest something incredulous: “Why don’t you try pranic healing, Jan?”

I explained pranic healing is quantum physics in action. “You don’t even need to see the pranic healer. You can do the healing remotely with firm belief, intention, and visualization. You and the pranic healer just need to agree on a time to do the healing – at night when you are sleeping. Last year I had a similar injury and pranic healing helped so it might work for you, too.”

It happened on Independence Day – June 12, 2019. I was with friends from Switzerland, Scotland, Holland, Palestine, and the Philippines trekking along the Battlefield Trail in Tagurano, Eden. What initially stated out as fun for me, quickly turned into the most heavy and painful mountain climbing experience of my life. More intense than all the times I braved landslides during clean up missions on Mt. Apo back in college. More intense than getting soaked for two days climbing Mt. Dulang-Dulang in Bukidnon. All because I was wearing the wrong shoes – and I wasn’t fit.

Every step I took made my left leg hurt more. But I sucked it up and carried on because I didn’t want to appear weak. I began lagging so far behind that my friends alternately carried my backpack so I could concentrate on balancing on my improvised walking sticks to soften the impact on my limbs. On the way down, I was the last one to reach the 7 Eleben Store, still some hundreds of meters above sea level. While we rested, we spotted a parked motorbike, and an arrangement was made for the owner’s son to carry me down on the motorbike the rest of the way. Hallelujah! I held on to the driver as we perilously balanced on the trail’s ridges that had been created by the rains and the human traffic before us. When we finally reached the foot of the mountain, I found a bench to lie down on and fell into a deep sleep. 

For around a week I continued limping around, determined not to take any medicines. My plan was to go to the Pranic Healing Center and avail of a free healing during the HOME (Healing, Orientation, Meditation, and Enlightening Talk) every Thursday. When I arrived at the Center, I was assigned a pranic healer who gestured for me to sit in front of her with my palms facing up on my lap. Together we said aloud the Soul Affirmation (I am not my body. I am not my pain. I am not my mind. I am not my emotions. I am a soul…) I then closed my eyes, put my tongue on my palate, and began heart-centered deep breathing while she cleaned and energized my health rays and chakras. The whole time, I imagined a healing white light surrounding me and penetrating every cell in my body. When she was done, we said another prayer together, and then she asked how I was feeling. I paused to sense me and said, “I feel fine,” but wasn’t sure how much significantly better I felt. I thanked her anyway, then left the room to go home. Half way down the stairs though, I remembered I forgot to unplug my cellphone in the room and rushed back up to get it. That’s when I realized, to my surprise, that I had skipped-hopped up the stairs! I stood on one leg and then the other leg and did a little cha-cha, to be sure. The pain had vanished completely! I could stand and walk again effortlessly!  

Jan, intently listening to this story of mine, remembered that 5 years ago, a friend had successfully healed her with reiki. “Then never mind pranic healing and go to your friend, the reiki master, instead!” I advised her. We ended the call agreeing that Jan would give natural holistic healing a shot and go to the medical doctor as a last resort.  

During our team meeting later that week, Jan triumphantly shared during her check-in: “I didn’t go to a pranic healer, I didn’t go to a reiki healer, I didn’t go to a medical doctor – I just healed myself!” Jan said that she simply imagined a healing white light penetrating every cell in her body and told her body she didn’t want to be sick anymore. When she woke up the next day, she was astonished her pain was completely gone and she could walk around normally again. “The healing white light really works, Maya, because I believed!” 

Jan and I think that of the many factors that could have caused our healing, turning our bodies into a placebo seems to be the most likely explanation. It has happened several times to me so I do not anymore hesitate to tell others that energy healing really works. Consider it, too, and do not write it off as voodoo. Just be open to it. And rethink making mainstream healthcare the default solution whenever you get sick because it’s too limiting to consult only medical professionals trained only in Western medicine. How do we not just cure the infected part with temporary stop-gap remedies but really heal the root of the problem? It’s a most fascinating question which is best answered by taking back our power to heal ourselves!

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