We put on identities to defend ourselves from what we don’t want to feel.

October 9, 2020

How we feel and think about others is influenced by the way they make us feel and think about ourselves. We respond to how others engage with our ideas of ourselves.

Through the years, we’ve built ourselves “character armours” to defend ourselves from the things that make us uncomfortable. We’ve taken on “identities” to defend ourselves from what we don’t want to feel and direct ourselves to what we want to feel. We eventually develop a way of dealing with the world that’s less and less natural.

Meditating helps us intensely feel everything without reacting – and is a way to gain back our naturalness. But it’s hard. Every day we have to work at letting go of our unconscious habit patterns and remove that covering, that layer, that character, that identity in order to get to the truth of the real us that’s hiding underneath.

#SpiritualHustler Reflection #5 from David Hans-Barker’s 10-day YogiLab Vipassana Meditation

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