When you die a thousand big deaths in meditation, the little deaths of the day are easy to face.

October 16, 2020

The samurai wake up at the break of dawn to meditate on a thousand ways to die. They feel everything yet react to nothing. So by the time the samurai set off for the day, big deaths have been faced so many times that frustrations, irritations, disappointments mean nothing anymore. These are just little deaths of the day, easily conquered after facing a thousand big deaths in meditation without flinching. Having mastered being present and keeping centred in the face of big deaths, the samurai are free to experience life’s challenges without reacting to each one of them. Their practice of meditation, of being fully present and aware, doesn’t end at home, and doesn’t end when they step off their mats. It continues every second of their lives.

#SpiritualHustler Reflection #6 from David Hans-Barker’s 10-day YogiLab Vipassana Meditation

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