Every day hurts build up and get stuck unless we release them.

October 28, 2020

Everyday pains build up until they become the chronic pains that we carry around us, like they’ve always been part of us. Feeling offended, hurt, disappointed, angry, etc. about something that somebody said or did today, yesterday and even 10 years ago, makes our bodies clam up tighter and tighter until we can’t unfreeze certain parts of our bodies anymore. The resulting points of pain are signs of how much we are unwilling to feel. They are signs of how our bodies have consistently built blocks of tension around specific spots so we can’t feel what’s underneath. Tensions eventually become so constant that they no longer are just actions that we’re taking; they become facets of our characters.

Through meditating, we can feel into our pains without reacting and unlock and release our tensions. We first feel a very intense active sensation, which turns into a more fluid sensation – with spaces in between the pain. This then becomes an energetic network of pains – and transforms into simultaneous pain and bliss. We eventually experience the pain as an interconnected web of activities – until the pain finally dissolves. But to get there, we have to sit immobile and not react to the pain, no matter how excruciating

.#SpiritualHustler Reflection #8 from David Hans-Barker’s 10-day YogiLab Vipassana Meditation

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