Celebrating efforts to flow and balance

About the image: The Utpluthih pose in Astanga Yoga is held for five (5) breaths. Beginners practice lifting the body with the arms then doing the half lotus alternately with the right foot on top and then with the left foot on top.

Little Flow Stories are about the long and painful struggles to overcome weaknesses and adversities. The stories highlight the journey towards wholeness and healing of the different aspects of the self. These are physical health, financial stability, ability to nurture relationships, and ability to grow spiritually. When one begins to finally “flow,” it becomes but natural to want to go beyond the self and consciously co-create a more sustainable society.

The Writer

“I love interviewing people and drawing out their amazing stories. I make a draft and have them check it for accuracy. Sometimes they change their minds about sharing certain personal information. That’s all right. What’s important is they feel comfortable with what they have shared. Every life story after all is precious and may be the push that others need to explore and try something different.”
– Maya Flaminda J. Vandenbroeck, writer, Little Flow Stories

The Illustrator

“I love art. I love painting. I started with lead pencil and charcoal. It has only been 3 years since I started with watercolor painting. It is scary and it requires a lot of confidence. True watercolor cannot be controlled nor manipulated, and that is where its beauty lies. As an artist, I have developed a healing relationship with watercolor. It has accompanied me in my own self-discovery and healing. “
– Cyrell Juyo Alingasa, painter, Little Flow Stories

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